hi guys, this is seba. yes i'm going on a "hiatus". not on just a simple one though. i'll like, close this whole goddamn blog forever. i'm not gonna lie to you guys, i'm not going to be basic and just say that it's school and shit like that. i don't give a fuck about school, i can manage keeping a blog alive even if it's going on if i really want to. do you see the problem here? i fucking don't want to. i'm sick of this blog, sick of my followers and sick of what i feel like when i think about that i have this. tumblr. it's meant for fun, right? it's meant for people to have a great time, create friends, share their work and see similar things to their interests on their dashes, saying their own thoughts about them. none of those happens on this blog anymore.

it's not your fault. it's not my fault. it's not anyones fault. i grew to hate anime, that's it. in my words, i grew out of it. i found something that's so so so much better to love. that's all. what i mean by this? i don't feel good and comfortable on this blog anymore. all i see is anime here, anime there, i don't even know their names anymore, and i don't even fucking care. see my problem here?

i feel like it's my job to keep this blog alive. not my hobby. feel the difference? job and a hobby. these are big words if you look at them on this site.

that's all i can say right now, it's 6:30 AM and i didn't have a single minute of sleep, so yeah. this is my goodbye to you, it's not nice, but it's honest. don't except any edits or gifs from me here anymore, i don't give a damn fuck if all of you unfollow me now: go ahead. i will queue shit if i'm bored to hell and log into here.

hope you had fun reading and enjoyed the sweet snsd music. seriously, if you turned the music on don't even fucking come close to this blog. i hate you with a burning passion.